Impressive Eats – the Theobroma experience 

I had read about this famed patisserie called Theobroma in Mumbai long before I moved here. And now a few lovely meals later, it is imperative that I walk you through all that I ate and saw in this cosy little shop.

This pretty shop in Powai is so popular that at any given time you will see most of the tables filled, and at least some of the goodies sold out. The menu is designed beautifully , and for me decision time was always agony. Maybe I should have gone for the Chicken Paprika Sandwich, maybe I should have ordered an entire desserts-only meal, maybe I’ll regret forever having ordered this…. Argh, poor decision-making issues. Anybody else with me?

The Bacon Butty is marked  as its Signature dish. Bursting at the seams  with crispy bacon, there’s fries jutting out from everywhere. It looks sinful and tastes heavenly. One piece of advice- don’t ever try figuring out its calories. You might never forgive yourself.

Next dish – the Full English Breakfast. It’s good, it’s filling. But I somehow felt that tasty as it was, they could have cut down a bit on the greasiness.
The next time we were here, I ordered the Eggs Benedict. I had made poached eggs only once in my entire life. Not only was the process a disaster, but I ended up having to eat it. Awful. So now I decided to try one made by a professional. When it came, I was super impressed. There sat a poached egg on a maple glazed ham and toasted bread. I was so curious to see how it tasted that I totally forgot to take a picture of it. The poached egg immediately got a mental thumbs up, but what stole the show for me was the maple glazed pan fried ham.


The remains of a Bacon Butty. You can also see the Meat Quiche behind .

One weekend we had made plans for lunch at Theobroma but reached the place way past lunchtime. Driven by our hunger pangs , we ordered way more than we could eat. So I packed the extra Meat Quiche, and at night I slowly relished it in the comforts of my home. It was simple but perfect.  A cheesy custard filling seasoned well with herbs , with tiny succulent bits of meat embedded in it.

And now for  the sweet part.
They make a plain cake called the Dense Chocolate Loaf, which is undoubtedly their most famous creation. It’s everything chocolatey- the kind of cake you can gobble up in just one sitting. I tried to nail the recipe, but it eluded me completely.

The New York Style Baked  cheesecake experience is almost like your first kiss. Every bite makes your heart beat faster with ecstasy and in anticipation of the next bite of pleasure . (Wow, maybe I’m a Mills n Boon writer in the making, who knows! Haha! )The cream cheese has a lovely tang to it, isn’t overly sweet , has a thin layer of blueberry in the middle and is topped with toasted meringue. Wish I had a photo of it to show you guys. You see,I am yet to develop inherent food blogger traits like clicking before eating. Someday, I will. Right?


Apple Danish

And then I met the Apple Danish. THE Apple Danish. I’m a true fan of anything apple. And honestly most bakery made apple fillings are plain mush with some cinnamon and lots of cornstarch. Bland. But this bombshell of an Apple Danish blew me away. Every bite had small apple chunks flavored with just the right amount of spice and sugar, enveloped in flaky crunchy pastry. Yeah, the best in my opinion!

Do try out this place if you can. It’s got authentic food to deliver. Its just my feeling that there’s been  a lot of hard work and recipe testing that has gone into every single product that they bring to the table.  As for the customer service, it was quite slow and it seemed like they could have hired an extra pair of hands.

You can also order online at Theobroma . They claim to courier brownies, tea cakes and cookies all over India. Check out their Facebook Page too.