“I’ve given up television”, she said. “I watch my oven instead.”

Baking: From My Home to Yours, By Dorie Greenspan

Hello there!
I am Ms. Di, the author of this infant blog, a one year old wife and a novice cook. I started baking around six years ago, simply to satisfy my sweet tooth. But quite unpredictably, I got hooked.
I love reading about the science behind baking, about great bakers and their lives, and also about the history behind a cake or a baked goodie. But most importantly, baking is incredibly therapeutic for me. For someone who woke up most mornings with unsettling dreams of being chased by elephants or cornered by snooty kindergarten bullies( wonder why they never grew up in my dreams!) , when my waking moments began to be filled with pretty frosted cakes on elegant cake stands , lovely chocolate with dripping caramel and zesty fruit compotes, I knew this was serious. Very. Serious. ūüėČ
You will not find my grandmothers or my great grandmothers recipes here because well, they have never baked. But you will find recipes adapted from the who’s who of the baking world, from recipe developers who were kind enough to share them, and also from my own trials and learnings. I do not claim to be an expert at all, just somebody who’s passionate about baking and wants to share it with you folks.
There’s no better encouragement for a blogger than a sincere comment or response from her readers. Do drop me a line, and let’s get chatting.

Yours faithfully,



You can contact me at Р  ms.diandheroven@gmail.com

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