It’s time to fess up ! 

Hi folks !

It’s been sometime since I went into hiding. And I remember telling you all that I had some beans to spill. Being someone far removed from drama and suspense, I might as well just blurt it out plain and clear. So here goes – I just had a baby girl – a brand new one, my first baby, all soft and cute and eternally hungry!!! Sometimes I look at her with wonder and find it hard to believe that this tiny wriggling human being in my arms , is all mine. There are also moments where I find it all overwhelming, especially the thought that I am responsible for this totally helpless person.

Pregnancy brought with it, along with the usual aches and discomforts, a dreadful bout of morning sickness that used to last all day. And one of the foods that I hated (yes, hated!) throughout my pregnancy were cakes. The mere thought of buttercream swirls would make me barf. And since I had faithfully subscribed to all my favourite bakers, and they faithfully put up their cake pictures everyday ,ohmigod there was no running away from them – cakes in my mail, cakes in my Facebook, cakes in my Instagram- I felt they were all following me instead !! Anyways I’m glad this thing lasts no more than 40 weeks and I am ever so relieved to be back in the baking world. And yes now I look forward to ogling at sinful cake pictures everyday. Hurray !

To celebrate the season, I got my mom to deck up the Christmas tree (hehe, lazy me!)  while I set out to make a traditional fruit cake. This year I decided to skip my usual fruit cake recipe and instead tried out a recipe by my moms friend. She makes the most amazing, brandy spiked fruit cakes and I always keep my fingers crossed each year hoping she will remember to gift us with her cake. And it turned out soft and moist,  with a melding of complex and subtly spicy flavours. I didn’t have any brandy, so I brushed the cake with some Cointreau instead. Since this is a recipe developed by her after many years of trial and error, I have decided not to share it here. It doesn’t sound fair to me to disregard someone’s hard work and efforts.
Oh well, once again it’s the end of another year. We have all had our moments of great elation and  terrible sadness. And just like last year, we should cling on to HOPE in the coming year. Even its faintest glimmer spurs us on to brave each new day. Cliched though it sounds, I do believe that silver linings do exist however dark the cloud maybe. But finding it takes a good deal of searching and patience, and if you don’t give up you will ultimately find it.
Merry Christmas folks! Enjoy the gifts, the love and of course, the food!