Brave Shadows

We all long to be seen and heard. But only a few are brave enough to be vulnerable and put themselves out there. This beautiful piece by Sheila C. Moeschen talks candidly about the rest of us , who would rather hide in the shadows of another persons brave.

Spirit Meets Bone

This is Abbey, folks, let’s make her feel welcome.

The stage was set with a Hammond organ, a grand piano, a drum kit, and a selection fo mics and amps. Abbey looked to be in her late-twenties. Her straight brown hair caught in a ponytail, her black-rimmed glasses echoed the same kind of specs worn by a lot of the people in the room. She sat down on a chair at the foot of the stage and unfolded several sheets of notebook paper, shuffling them one under the other a few times. Paper. No iPhone or tablet. Old school. Abbey cleared her throat and leaned toward the mic.

“This is a poem called ‘Squirrel and Acorn.’ It’s about abortion.”

Oh. Dear.

This is Louis D, folks, let’s make him feel welcome.

Louis D. was a middle-aged white man, dressed in jeans and a flannel, with an electric guitar slung around…

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