Welcome to my blog! 

Hello there!
I am Ms. Di – a one year old wife and a novice cook. Baking is and always will be my first love. To me there’s nothing that can beat the wonderful feeling of having baked an awesome goodie. This is my own cosy corner on the internet where I will share with you all the tales told by my oven. It is my hope that by telling you all about my baking mistakes, flops and successes, I will encourage at least a few of you to overcome your fear of failure. As with all things in life, practice is the best tool to rely on in baking too.

I will soon be publishing my first recipe post – a  Cream cheese pound cake with citrus glaze .Sit back and read , then dash to the kitchen and bake it!


Cream cheese pound cake with citrus glaze

I hope to hear from you too.Your feedback motivates me to keep in touch with you.


2 thoughts on “Welcome to my blog! 

    • Diana says:

      Thank you so much Felicia ! Blogging is relatively new to me, even though it’s been a year since I started one. And getting a response from a reader is very gratifying. Hope to see more of you here, as well as your vegan recipes ! 🙂

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